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List of distributors

Documents required for distribution activities.

-Documents confirming the right to sign the contract (a copy of the order of appointment as "leader", a copy of the passport of the leader, a power of attorney);

- Copy of the charter;

- copy of the Certificate of state registration of a legal entity;

-copy from the real estate cadastre of the sales and service office or copy from the lease contract;

-copy of the contract for the collection of money proceeds (collection service);

-photos of the exterior and interior of the sales and service office.


Uniform Resource Locator:

Tashkent City, Amir Temur Kuch., 109-A (in the building of the Tashkent TV tower)

To apply:

(+998 71) 235 65 16



Official distributor of UZDIGITAL TV:


Uniform Resource Locator:

Against sh., Islam Karimov Street, 212 House.


To apply:

(+998 97) 777 44 00