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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

1. What needs to be done to connect to digital TV services?


To connect, you need to contact one of the company's offices. You can also conclude an agreement with one of the representatives of the Official Distributors.


2. How much does it cost to connect to UZDIGITAL TV today?


Connection cost is mainly determined by the cost of the equipment. At the moment, we have the ability to connect subscribers with built-in digital DVB-T / T2 tuners in TVs. To do this, you need to purchase a special TeleCARD device compatible with your TV model at one of the offices of our company or from Official Distributors.


3. What is the monthly subscription fee?


The subscription fee varies depending on the package and the number of TV channels. To date, in the city of Tashkent, Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand regions, connection is made to four packages of TV channels, which includes "Lite", "Base", "Mix" and "Mix T2". In other areas, the connection is made to four other packages of TV channels, which includes "Super economy", "Lite", "Base" and "Mix":


Each package of TV channels includes national state and commercial TV channels without a subscription fee;

"Super economy": 4 channels-a subscription fee is 4 000 soums for individuals;

"Lite": 16 channels, subscription fee is 15,000 soums for individuals and 16 000 soums for legal entities;

"Base": 22 channels, subscription fee is 18,000 soums for individuals and 20 000 soums for legal entities:

"Mix": 31 channels, subscription fee  is 21 000 soums for individuals and 25 000 soums for legal entities:

"Mix T2": 45 channels, subscription fee is 25 000 soums for individuals and 30 000 soums for legal entities.



4. Do I need an antenna to connect to digital TV?


To connect to digital TV services, you need to install an external decimeter antenna, which can be purchased at the company's customer service offices or from representatives of official distributors. The company also connects to UHF antennas purchased by the subscriber.


5. How long does it take to connect?


According to the subscription agreement, the operator is obliged to connect the subscriber within 5 working days from the date of payment, but usually the connection takes place within several working days.


6. Can I just buy equipment and use the services?


No, the purchase of equipment and the use of services is possible only under a subscription agreement / Offer agreement, and the subscription fee begins to be charged. Without concluding a subscription agreement / Offer agreement, you can only view national TV channels in the public domain.


7. Are the initial payments refunded if the contract is terminated?


No, only the subscription fee for the unused period is subject to refund. To terminate the subscription agreement, you must write a written application at one of the company's offices. In case of returning the equipment, the refund is made within 20 banking days.


8. Does your Company provide discounts when connecting several points in one house?


Yes of course. When connecting several points to one personal account, discounts are provided for the "Mix" or "Mix-T2" tariff plan. Namely, discounts are provided for a subscription fee in the amount of 20% - for the second connection point, 30% - for the third and subsequent connection points, provided that the main point is in an active status.


9. Can legal entities pay for services for individuals?


Yes, under a surety agreement, which can be drawn up in the company's subscriber department.


10. How to arrange the connection of the second point?


An additional agreement to the existing agreement in one of the company's customer service offices or from representatives of official distributors.


11. Does your Company provide any special programs, promotions and bonuses?


Our company often conducts various promotions and advertising campaigns. You can see our advertisements around the city (outdoor structures), in the press (newspapers, magazines), on the Internet (popular sites), on radio and television. Follow our news and participate in promotions!

In addition, the company has a system of discounts:

With a one-time payment of the subscription fee, a discount is provided:


- for 3 months - 10% of the total amount

- for 6 months - 15% of the total amount

- for 12 months - 20% of the total amount


* the discount is valid only for individuals on tariff plans of service "Economy Plus", "Standard", "Mix" and "Mix-T2"

* the discount is valid with a current positive balance, the discount is valid from the 1st day of the next month.

In addition, the "Bring a friend" campaign is available for our subscribers. Recommend your friend to connect to UZDIGITALTV services and get 1 month of free viewing regardless of your TV channel package!


12. I have a modern TV with a built-in tuner. What equipment do I need to watch digital TV UZDIGITAL TV?


Both a digital receiver - tuner and a special device - TeleCARD are suitable for your TV. Its advantage over the tuner is in the absence of unnecessary cables and ease of installation.

It is important to note that TeleCARD is not compatible with all types of modern TVs with a built-in tuner. In the "Equipment" section you can get acquainted with the list of TV models compatible with TeleCARD operation or check with the company's Call-center.

13. Can TeleCARD be used in the regions of Uzbekistan?

At the moment, all subscribers from all regions of Uzbekistan have such an opportunity.

14. How can you find out about the status of your account and the status of the service?

You can find out about the account status and the status of the service through the "Personal Account" and "UZDIGITAL TV Mobile Application", "Telegram Bot", as well as through the Call Center number (+998 78) 1299000 or short 1065