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Registration in your personal account

Personal account is an opportunity for UZDIGITAL TV subscribers to get access to their personal data via the Internet.


To connect a Personal Cabinet, you must fill out an application in writing at the central office of the company and indicate a contact cell phone number. After that, an SMS with a temporary password will be sent to your phone number.


With a personal account, you can:


- View current balance


- View tariff plan


- View current discounts


- Find out the status of services


To use your Personal Cabinet, you will be asked to obtain a temporary password to access your data. To receive a password, enter your account number and enter the code shown in the picture in the appropriate field. Check the entered data and "click" the button "Get password". A temporary password will be sent to you via SMS.


Re-fill in all the required fields on the updated page of the "Personal Cabinet" including "password" and click the "Login" button. If all these actions are performed correctly, then you will be redirected to your personal page "Personal Cabinet".




Since all these data are confidential, after receiving them via the Internet, you yourself must take care of their safety.


To do this, after viewing your data, always exit using the "Exit" button, or even better, close the Internet browser window. Never leave your data displayed on the screen unattended. in your absence, they can be seen, printed or even saved as a file by others. For the safety of your data, the inactivity time of the "Personal Cabinet" is 10 minutes, after which you need to enter your password again