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Service center

Service maintenance
        The service center of ООО «UZDIGITAL TV» provides warranty and post-warranty repair services for subscriber equipment.


        The service center of ООО «UZDIGITAL TV» undertakes to make free repairs, and if repairs are impossible, free replacement of faulty equipment upon presentation of claims by the Subscriber within the period from the date of purchase of the equipment specified in the "Warranty" column of the warranty card. In the absence of a warranty card, the warranty period is calculated from the date of the conclusion of the contract with the Subscriber. To fulfill the warranty obligations, the defective equipment must be delivered by the Subscriber to the Service Center in full completeness and in its original packaging. Deficiencies found in the equipment are eliminated by the Service Center within 20 working days from the date of contact.
        When the equipment defects are eliminated by replacing a component or a component part of the equipment, a warranty is established for a new component or component part of the equipment, limited by the expiration date of the warranty for the main equipment.
        The following equipment will not be subject to repair and replacement:
Has traces of mechanical damage, handicraft soldering, violation of the manufacturer's seals, signs of attempts at self-repair and opening
Equipment that is out of order due to violations of operating conditions, transportation or storage
Equipment exposed to extreme conditions or aggressive environments, such as overheating, ingestion of water or other liquids, insects and waste products.
Equipment with a damaged or unreadable Manufacturer's label, or lack thereof.
In case of violation of the terms of free warranty service, all services provided by the Service Center are payable according to the current tariffs.
        Service Center Addresses:
        - Tashkent city, street A. Temur, 109A.
        Tashkent TV Tower.

        Working hours:
        Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
        Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00
        Sunday is a day off