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Corporate clients

How to connect


• To conclude an agreement for the provision of Pay TV services, you must provide an official letter * and a copy of the Certificate of state registration of an enterprise to one of the offices of LLC "UZDIGITAL TV" of the subscriber department for work with legal entities (see section "Contacts")

* The letter is written to the name of the head of "UZDIGITAL TV" LLC (see the section "About the company" - Management), where the paperwork and further maintenance will be carried out.

To speed up the registration process, the letter can be previously sent by fax phone or e-mail of LLC "UZDIGITAL TV" (see section "Contacts")

• Subscriber equipment is issued to a legal entity to its representative, according to the provided to them:

- powers of attorney,

- return of 1 copy of the executed Agreement,

- confirmation of payment for DTV services.

· Additional services for Connection and installation work (Installation of equipment at the subscriber's address), is made by agreement of the two Parties.