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ТeleCARD (CAM Unified CI+ Irdeto)

TeleCARD is a device necessary for viewing digital television for owners of TVs with a built-in DVB-T tuner without using additional equipment.

Purpose of TeleCARD (CAM Unified CI + Irdeto) from UZDIGITAL TV:

The TeleCARD device from UZDIGITAL TV is intended for viewing paid coded TV channels of UZDIGITAL TV digital television on modern television receivers with a built-in digital tuner of the DVB-T standard, equipped with a special CI connector (slot).

Benefits of using TeleCARD (CAM Unified CI + Irdeto) from UZDIGITAL TV:

  • lack of a TV tuner next to the TV. Accordingly, the lack of cables connecting the external TV tuner and TV;
  • better image quality (if the TV has a built-in digital TV tuner, there is no need to convert the digital signal to analog, as is the case with an external TV tuner);
  • digital channels are controlled from the TV remote control;
  • TeleCARD supports the HDTV standard for high definition television. Most modern TVs with a built-in digital TV tuner are Full HD or HD Ready.